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Avert's strategy

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The focus in our 2016-2021 strategy, Investing for impact, is to innovate to reach more people that need to know about HIV.

We will do this in ways that best empower them with the knowledge, skills and tools to take control of their own health and make informed choices.

Our strategy sets out what we can and should do between 2016 and 2021 to ensure a meaningful contribution to the collective global effort to end AIDS by 2030.  We have considered the Sustainable Development Goals and the UNAIDS 2016-21 targets, and looked carefully at where Avert’s contribution best lies based on our past achievements and expertise.  

We know more needs to be done to drive down the rates of new infection. We also know barriers still need to be challenged so those already living with HIV can exercise their right to long term good health and wellbeing, free from stigma and discrimination, regardless of their status, sexuality, age or ethnicity.

Our strategic responses

We have identified four strategic responses – addressing key drivers in the epidemic – where we believe Avert is best placed to make a significant difference over the coming four years.

Avert's strategic responses in infographic

We believe by focusing our efforts in these areas we can make the biggest contribution to ensuring that people have the knowledge and freedom to live healthy lives and make choices to protect themselves and others from HIV in an environment free from stigma.

How we will achieve our strategy

HIV does not stand alone. The HIV epidemic is rapidly changing and its trajectory will be hugely influenced by the wider social, demographic, economic and global heath developments that sit outside of the immediate HIV response. Avert will remain responsive and adaptable to these changes.  

Avert will increasingly look for new, innovative and efficient ways to deliver our work. We will build on our history of trying new things, and draw on and benefit from partnerships both within and outside the HIV sector to maximise our efforts and impact. We are committed to ensure Avert uses its resources in an ambitious, efficient and flexible way that brings about real change.

Download Avert’s 2016-21 strategy, Investing for impact.

Find out more about our impact.


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09 July 2018