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Morad was fortunate that HIV education was taught at school in the UAE when he was a boy, whereas Ahmed, being slightly older, was at school before this was part of the curriculum. Ahmed is therefore uncertain about the myths and facts of HIV transmission.

To help address incorrect HIV knowledge, HIV education has been a part of the UAE secondary school curriculum for some years. Rather than focusing on providing HIV prevention information for young people, it is more factual and scientifically based. 1

Ahmed’s worry about HIV transmission may also be based upon the fact that the UAE still has a number of restrictive policies, such as a ban on people living with HIV from entering the country, and mandatory HIV testing of migrant workers seeking employment. 2 Government policies like these can create an atmosphere of  stigma and discrimination about HIV in the country.

The UAE has a very low HIV prevalence, and as a result it has had a hidden HIV epidemic until recently. 3

Sharing the information we learn about HIV with our families and friends is important in countries like the UAE and across the globe; check out our various resources and share them with your networks!

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