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Liu Tingting worries about her brother moving to the city, as this is where other men from their rural home have been infected with HIV. In China, the majority of HIV infections occur in just six of the thirty-three provinces. 1 These six provinces are some of the most populous and urbanised areas of China, where greater numbers of people are living with HIV, so knowing how to stay safe is extremely important.

The most common HIV transmission route in China is unprotected heterosexual sex; as a heterosexual male, Liu Jianhua could be at risk of HIV exposure if he doesn’t use protection such as condoms. 2 When Liu Jianhua was at school, HIV and AIDS education was not widespread in China, and so he missed out on learning how to protect himself from HIV.

Although HIV prevalence among adults is very low at less than 0.1 percent in China, this equates to almost 800,000 people because of the huge population! 3 This is the case in many other countries in Asia too.

One of the most effective forms of HIV prevention is knowing HIV myths and facts. Knowledge like this can be gained from the internet, and also from community groups and people in your networks, such as friends and family.

AVERT has a great resource section where you can access lots of different ways to learn and share information about HIV.

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