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World AIDS Day - 1 December

What is World AIDS Day?

World AIDS Day (WAD) is held on 1 December every year, and is about increasing awareness, fighting stigma, improving education, mobilising resources and raising funds for the global response to HIV and AIDS.

Raising awareness of HIV is crucial to get to zero new HIV infections. A red AIDS awareness ribbon is worn around World AIDS Day which is a symbol of awareness, support and remembrance of those affected by HIV and AIDS.

AVERT World AIDS Day 2014

First Date Sex Fail!


We've launched a video called ' First Date Sex Fail' for our Update Your Status campaign!

The video aims to be funny, witty and sexy but carries an important message for young people:

"We all get carried away. Remember HIV. Take the Test."

'First Date Sex Fail' recognises that anyone can forget to use a condom, but that you can take responsibility by testing for HIV. Testing is an easy and important way to look after your sexual health.

There are a number of ways we want people to get involved with the video and campaign:

Read more about our Update Your Status campaign >>


World AIDS Day 2013

World's largest AIDS awareness ribbon

AVERT unveiled the world's largest AIDS awareness ribbon at The Level in Brighton, with our partners - Brighton World AIDS Day Community Partnership, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, and the Institute of Development Studies. The red ribbon was created by Dr Surya Rao in India, and is a symbol of awareness, solidarity and a reminder of those we have lost.

The ribbon unveiling was opened with speeches by Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion and former Leader of the Green Party and James Cole, former Sussex University Co-ordinator of the Student Stop AIDS Campaign. Before the ribbon was laid, a one-minute silence was held in memory of those no longer with us. The aim of the day was to raise awareness about HIV in the city of Brighton, where HIV affects the local community.

You, Me & HIV e-Action

AVERT also launched our You, ME & HIV e-Action, which invites people on a virtual journey around the world to learn about the many ways that HIV can affect people.

Our friends in China, Thailand, USA, UK, Kenya, UAE and Brazil share stories about how HIV has affected them. We hope the facts will help protect yourself and others from HIV. Remember, HIV can affect anyone!

World AIDS Day 2012

Liverpool Football Club

In partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, AVERT displayed the world's largest red ribbon at Anfield Stadium during the Liverpool versus Southampton match on 1st December 2012.

Reflections on the Epidemic

AVERT published ‘ Reflections on the Epidemic’ - a series of articles written for AVERT by global leaders, writers, experts, activists, physicians, and people personally affected by HIV and AIDS.

In addition, AVERT also launched our AVERT Educator Booklet to provide key facts about HIV and AIDS.

Get involved in fundraising for World AIDS Day!

Fundraise for AVERT this World AIDS Day! Visit our fundraising pages to discover World AIDS Day resources and find out more about how you can make a difference >>

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