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Teens, Young People & Sexual Health

Relationships, Sexual Health and Your Body

Deciding whether to have sex or to do other sexual activities with someone can be tricky. People generally have very different, and often strong, views about sex. Sometimes young people’s views on sex are influenced by their background, sometimes by their friends.

Girls in Thailand participating in an HIV and AIDS education projectAs a young person, it’s good to learn about why people have sex, how young people can make decisions about their lives and what can happen after sex. It's also important to know that some people choose to have relationships with people of the opposite gender, and some choose the same gender.
Sex - or sexual intercourse - can result in pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as Chlamydia, Herpes or HIV. There are many STIs that you can get through penetrative or oral sex, and it can happen as a result of just having sex once. Sex can also impact on your emotions and happiness, both in a positive way and a negative way.

Being knowledgeable will help you make decisions about your body, having sex or not having sex, your sexual health and your relationships.

Have a look through the different topics listed on this page to learn more about sex, sexuality and looking after yourself and your body. You will find information about puberty and sexual organs, having sex for the first time, sex and alcohol, using condoms and many other topics aimed at helping you to protect your sexual health, whether you are HIV positive or not and stay happy and confident.


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