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Zanele 1

Im so glad that i finally found a place where i can share my stories with people who understand what im going through.

I found out that i was HIV positive in 2003 i was 23 when i was pregnant with my second baby. I was a newely wed to a handsome & well-off guy, I was sooo shocked to hear d news i couldnt stop crying. i couldnt leave the clinic although it was almost closing time. poor doctor had to stay with me 4 two hours counciling me.

I was doing my 3rd year at Tech that Term i failed everything not knowing whats coming or going. Through counciling iv managed to find my self again & delivered a healthy boy. My husband was the one cheating the whole time i had no choice bt to leave him in 2005.

Because he couldnt behave himself or handle his status he died 10th December 2005, may his soul rest in peace- bt i feel sorry for all those women he infected. Since then i lived a positive life although there are challenges life goes on.