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hai all, I am a lady by the age of 31 will be 32 in april.

i came to find out about my hiv status last year in september and my cd4 was very low 24, which meant i had to start arvs.

i started taking drugs after a month and right now as am writing this letter am on drugs.

well, i always thought i will never be positive but it has happened and there's nothing i can do about it but to live a positive life and my prayer is for God to keep protecting me all the days of my life.

The only problem am facing is telling my boyfriend who wants to marry me this very year. am so scared that he will leave me when he finds out that am positive coz every time i bring up the issue of hiv just to get his views he says he would die out of depression.

i really dont know what to do and i love this guy alot. he's not the one who gave me hiv i believe its my ex boyfriend of 4 years. says: Disclosing your HIV status can be stressful. Telling your boyfriend will involve a complicated and difficult decision making process and there is no 'best way' to do it.Try to find someone- a good friend, family member or perhaps a healthcare worker- to support you both at this difficult time. We have more information on our learning you are HIV positive page.