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Hi good people, I am your friend. I found out that i am hiv positive last year june,25th 2009.Life has not been easy on me since.I told my husband and he did'nt believe me,so we decided to go for the test together,and the results came out he was negetive and i was hiv+.
i have been with him for 18years now.Last year around September he paid lobola for me threw a big wedding for me.

he luves me so much and he always tells me how beautiful i am and he is so supportive with everything. He does everything for me(spoil me always)now is November 2010 and he still loves me lyk we just met. My problem is that he want a baby with me and i am not sure weather it is the right thing to do, as i am scared something might go wrong. We decided not to tell anyone about my status as it is not anyone's business. I am on arvs now and wen i found out my cd4 count was 250 and now is 640.I visit my physician every 6 months and he is happy with my progress.So to all of you who is positive,i just want to tell you that it still possible to get someone who luvs you unconditionally, irrespective of your status.the other thing is that my status improved our love,he luves me so so much and he never ever blamed me or anything.

It really hurts me to c peple dying of hiv,cos there are lots of people out there who can help and share their stories,to encourage them.