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Wife 1

Well my husband recently told be days ago that he thinks he's HIV positive :(   crying I ran out of work and went home to cry with him. he broke down and couldn't hold it anymore. :(** he confessed that 2 months before he had been raped by a mafia gang that held him at gun point and said they would kill him if he fought back. Can u imagine! ? I thank god they didn't kill him. we have 3 kids together. we went to get tested and it came out negative but the doctor said it was too early to know and to get tested again 3-6 months after having been contacted. He thinks they might have been infected since the one that hurt him was a regular drug user. and shared needles and might possibly be gay and directly told my husband that he will remember that day for the rest of his life and that his life will be ruined. . So we have to wait another month or two before getting tested again.  he cries everyday and so do I now.  I never thought something like that could happen to our family. But as you can see it can happen to anyone........... :(   he has lots of symptoms and is sure he has it.   Therefore, he's making me believe that I have it too. :( I promised him we will stick together what ever happens.  So here we are. If you know anyone that is infected give them lots of love. lots and lots cause they shouldn't have to face it by themselves.  thoughts of suicide might come up. that's the saddest part of my story. He's thought of suicide and we haven't even been diagnosed positive yet. :( can u imagine if and when we do.  I recommend the Rape Crisis Center that's where he goes now and it seems to help.