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Wendy 1

When i was 15 I lost my virginity to my boyfriend. He already had asexual a bunch of times even though he was 16 because of an ex he had dated for over a year. I never planned for it to happen when it did. We were at his house making out and we started to do oral. That was no big deal since we already done it before. I was so comfortable with him and in love with him so he asked if we could have sex. I told him to try putting it in but were nt going to have full on sex(kinda stupid). Well after a few tries it really hurt and I wanted him to stop but he convinced me to keep going. My mom called while he was inside me and I had to answer. Just hearing her voice reminded me of how much she trusts me and id she knew I was having sex, at such an young age how heart broken she would be. I started crying to him about how sex is a big deal and when I say go stop he needs to stop. Girls or guys do not push yourselves or others to do something you arnt ready to do. Sex is a big deal,espically to people who havnt experienced it. Make sure it is with someone you love and make it count.

AVERT says: If you feel personally affected by what was said in this story, please see our Help and Advice page for further information and details of organisations who can help. Alternatively, take a look at our Am I Ready for Sex? page.