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The absolute WORST way to tell your parents that you're gay or bi is through anger. Nothing good can come of it. I learned this the hard way, unfortunately.

My parents and me were arguing about something (I honestly don't remember what it was), and it was kind of my way of getting at them by telling them. I was younger then, certainly more foolish. For the first month after I told them, my dad wouldn't talk to me, and my mom kept telling me to put my faith in God so that he'd fix me.

Accordingly, I stopped really communicating with my parents. I used to tell my mom everything, and me and my dad would talk about how our days went, just random stuff like that. After all of it stopped though, they eventually came and apologized to me for having treated me so badly about it.

This is what my mom told me: "We're old Wayne. This is a completely new concept for us. You're just going to have to give us time to accept it, is all. We love you very much, and don't ever doubt that."

So, in the end, it all worked out pretty well I'd say.