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I was 25 when I lost my virginity and I'm not ashamed of waiting that long. I knew at an early age that I was a very passionate person and that if I ever wanted to acomplish anything I had to put off even the chance of a relationship until I had everything I thought I wanted.

I graduated from high school then college, went through and internship program, then finally I found the perfect job. I had my job, my home, and my life all set. But by then, I was 25 and knew enough about sex from romance novels and my friends and I was down right sexually frustrated. I had made out with guys before but I never allowed them to go further.

Then I met Ben and he honest to God has the hottest body I've ever seen. We had only been going out for one month, but for two sexually frustrated people like us, that was more than enough time. I didn't love him and he didn't love me (yet!) but we couldn't put it off any longer. It was around 8 or 9 in the evening when we were drinking and eating in the kitchen that we finally took that extra step. We started making out and he pushed me up against the counter and before I knew it, we were on the kitchen floor naked and he was touching and sucking everywhere. It was hard and fast because Ben didn't know I was a virgin and I think I enjoyed it better that way. We were so crazy with desire that I didn't even feel my "cherry pop". But somehow Ben could tell that I was a virgin, so he tried to be gentle after that, but again, we were so full of lust that he couldn't. I also knew the statistics about women and orgasming, but I orgasmed that first time and it felt so amazing. Ben felt really bad about taking me so rough my first time, but I liked it.

I'm 27 now and in three days Ben and I will be getting married. I don't want you girls (or guys) out there to think that all sex leads to marriage or that you'll all get my happily ever after, all I want you to know is to not lose hope because fate and God work in mysterious ways and for that I couldn't be happier.