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Vanessa 1

Hello my name is Vanessa and im seventeen years old. At school I first talked about sex and puberty when I was ten we were all shown a very old videotape of a man and woman walking about naked. It was a pointless video to watch and I don't think it taught me anything nor my classmates.

I had an older sister so I learnt most of the puberty stuff from her and my mother also told me what happens etc. I can't recall however her telling me to practice safe sex though e.g. condoms, properly because she was older then most mothers and I was young at the time maybe she thought I didn’t need to no all that just yet.

I was told however that when I started my period I would be put on the pill, which happened. And my dad gave me some good advice which I do think helped he told me "Boys are only after one thing and that is to get into you're pants"

Its funny looking back but he was right that is what most boys want especially at that age. And the other thing that I supposed stopped me from sleeping around without anything was his threat that if I came back pregnant I would be on my own. It sounds harsh but I don't think he would of stuck to it but that threat worked and I always made sure I was careful.

My dad would always check up on us about where we were going and who with so I guess that is the reason im not pregnant to this day because I was taught not to let my parents down and have respect for myself by not sleeping about.

I think because my dad spoke to me I listened more as he was talking from a teenage boy point of view and knew what they would be thinking.
School did give some more talks when I was fourteen about what to use like condoms etc but I think its better coming from you're parents at school people tend to mess around especially in front of their mates.

So overall I was pretty lucky to have my parents I think nowadays people need to speak to their children more and know where they are going and what they are doing. Make sure their girls are on the pill or something send there boys out with condoms and maybe even let them meet some teenagers that have got STI s or pregnant so they know the danger of unprotected sex.