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Truthfully, I never thought I would loose my virginity at such a tender age. I had always agreed with my friends and made a promise to wait till the evening of our weddings.. the so called HONEYMOON.

So I met this guy named Ryan at a Christmas party. We started talking and less than a month we were dating. It was really great at first because we used to talk and cuddle but not to the extremities. Within three weeks we were getting more deeper then one night when I was sleeping at my place, he called in the middle of the night telling me that he wanted to make love to me. At first I just thought he was just trying to hear what I would say but in the end I noticed he was serious. I then had to come to terms with myself about the issue so after some serious consideration, I said to myself I was not ready so I'll wait till my wedding day.

Then it so happened on his birthday I went to meet him and give him a gift I had bought to say happy birthday. He said he wanted to spend the day with me and to me that wasn't a problem so I spent it with him. It started with what had become a routine when we were together then out of a sudden he took out a packet of condoms.. I told him I wasn't ready but he pleaded till I gave up. It was painful and because I wasn't ready I was left with a lot of guilt to the extent that it still haunts me up to this day.

My lesson and what I would like to tell you is make sure you are ready, if not stand your ground and say NO! It's hard I know but the aftermath is much enjoyable than to loose it without being ready. Secondly, be sure to have think through it because this is one of your big decisions in life and you wouldn't want to regret it for the rest of your life. Thirdly, make sure if you don't want it you avoid places where you will be left in compromising positions that you can't say no and if you are ready make sure you have preplanned for the event to avoid unwanted pregnancies. As for me and Ryan (not his actual name) we are still dating though I no longer feel the same way towards him because he just wasn't patient with me.