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Tom 1

In England and Wales, sex education is not compulsory in schools as parents can refuse to let their children take part in the lessons. The curriculum focuses on the reproductive system, fetal development, and the physical and emotional changes of adolescence, while information about contraception and safe sex is discretionary and discussion about relationships is often neglected. Britain has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe and sex education is a heated issue in government and media reports. In a 2000 study by the University of Brighton, many 14 to 15 year olds reported disappointment with the content of sex education lessons and felt that lack of confidentiality prevents teenagers from asking teachers about contraception. In a 2008 study conducted by YouGov for Channel 4 it was revealed that almost three in ten teenagers say they need more sex and relationships education.

I think the approach to sex education is to view it as necessary to reduce risk behaviours such as unprotected sex, and equip individuals to make informed decisions about their personal sexual activity.

I feel this because my Nan, who is 57, had my mother at the age of 17. After sex education lessons I asked my Nan if she would not mind answering some questions about teenage pregnancy.

She told me that she found out she was pregnant just after she had turned 17. when she told my grandfather he was so happy. Her parents were so disapointed in her that they forced her to get married to my grandfather and leave her education. When the baby was born my Nan was in labour for 18 hours and eventually my Mum was born. Within a year she had a divorce because she met another man who adopted my mum. She has found that although she loves us and would do anything for her family, she wished she had, had safe sex and had continued with her education. She now sits at home with nothing to do because she did not continue with education and she is in and out of debt.

I hope many of you realise now that a teenage pregnancy can cause you troubles up until you are 50.

So have sex but stay protected.