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Thomas 1

I'm going to start by telling you all that I am gay but still in the closet I can't come out at the moment to my parents because when my older brother did they kicked him out i shoud say that I am 16 now and just starting my A levels and have no job or means of supporting myself however friends have said that if i was kicked out they let me crash there.

At school only my close friends know i'm gay and not one of them would betray my trust because they know what happened to the last person to come out as openly gay, they were badly beaten and then consequently had to move away from here.

I live in a rough area and most everybody is a homophobe but im tall athletic and one of the most popular guys in school and have used that status boost to help out some other guys who came out as bi not quite realizing what can happen round here. The best thing about this is people are finaly getting the message, at leats in school, that gay guys are no different and perhapse when i have the means i could move out and be openly gay, i know that not everywhere is like this and that other areas are better finding that as people get older they become slightly more tolorent.

I first knew I was gay when my brother came out he's 4 years older and so i was 12 and found some of his dirty magaziens with guys in and found that at that moment i conected the feeling of being slightly disjointed with all my peers and my typical football loving beer drinking dad. I my have realised that i was gay earlyer but represed the feeling because i knew that it wasn't normal to everyone else my brother saw me looking and then explained to me not to tell my mum or dad because they hated gay people.

I have had a few experiences with guys but I will not be telling you who or how it happend with because thats not the point of this. I have kissed a guy and had some other fun with a guy.

But now we are at the end just remember be aware of how your parents will react, the situation in reference to the general public you have to interact with, and how you will deal with it youself.