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Steven 1

My name is Steven, I'm 24 and was converted HIV+ in 2009. Ive read a few of these and decided to share my story and message in hopes it may help some people. My story starts when I was 22, I met a guy that I fell in love with and over time we began dating. When we started to talk about sex, he said he did not like to use condoms so i told him to go get tested and I would do the same. Keep in my mind we had been dating for 6 months by this time. My test came back negative, and next time we met he showed me a test and it also said negative.

I started to get sick often, and the doctors thought id was simply a flu, needless to say I was converted hiv+. I confronted my boyfriend, and at first he denied it, but as i continually hounded for the truth he finally came clean. The test he showed me was old and he had been hiv+ since 2006 (before we met). He was also cheating on me the entire time we dated, spreading this diease to others. Today my T-cell count are very high, I take my meds everyday ontime and take care of myself.

My message is this- If you have HIV and your partner does not...please disclose to them its our responsibility as hiv+ people to make sure the dieases ends with us. GO TO A DOCTOR!!!! AND GET MEDS!!!, there are county clinics that can help you for free example ADAP. IF you dont know your status go find out WITH your partner!! and always use condoms! Disclosing can be very scary pick the people you tell carefully some will be o.k. others wont know how to react. Go to the doctors frequently just to make sure your om and find out your t cells. Hope this helps Steven