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Stephanie 1

I am 17, and though i have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, i know i am bisexual.

While i have always been supportive of gay rights, as have all my friends and most of my family, i always just liked guys for a long time.  But once i started REALLY noticing people in that way, i started noticing girls too. I would notice girls i thought were hot or pretty, but i always assumed it was nothing, just normal, straight observations.  But the more i thought about it, and talked to my friends about it, the more i started thinking maybe i was bi.  Maybe i have a slight preference towards men, but i am definitely open to girls too.  I was unsure for a while, but now fully accept myself as bi. 

I haven't told any of my close friends yet, i think i am just waiting for the right moment. At least that's what i tell myself.  I am nervous even though i know they'll accept it.  I just don't know how to bring it up after all this time.   But at a summer camp type thing, i told a friend i made there, since i saw it as a chance to sort of start over, because they knew nothing about me.  She was completely accepting and it really boosted my self confidence. 

I'm now considering ways to tell my friends, but i am not so scared anymore, and it feels good :)