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Sophie 1

My name is Sophie I am 15 years old and I am a lesbian.

I came to the conclusion I was a lesbian when I was 13 yeas old. I didnt know or didnt realize it fully until I turned 14. I was always one to have lots of boyfriends, Im very popular at my school. I dated a boy fro about a year but I know realize this was me trying to make myself straight. Over the last 2 years I came more to terms with the idea of being a lesbian. I first thought I might be bisexual because I hated making out or being touched by my boyfriend. I also started having crushes on my best friends and I thought back to when I was little and how I always wanted to kiss a girl. But I then went though  time where I really hated the idea of being gay, it made me upset and mad. Lets all face it, it would be a lot easier if we could all be straight. But in all honesty, I'd never want to be anything but a lesbian now. I go to a youth center in my city that has gay kids there so we all can hang out. There are other femme girls like me there. Thats my best advice to you if you think you might be gay and don't know what to do. Find people who you think you might be. Just go on your computer and type in "LGBT Youth whatever your towns name is" I did and after a while of searching I found my people. I found friends and now i dont feel so alone. That was the worst part, feeling like there was no one to just talk too. Talk about your worries or your hopes or just someone to kind of be gay with. Its ok to feel like you need somebody. Were not made to do everything on our own

AVERT Says: If you feel personally affected by what was said in this story, or if you would like more information, please see our pages on Coming Out and resources for LGBT.