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Hi i am 31years and hiv+. I discovered this after delivering my son in january. he too is +ve. We didnt know of this until when i was not improving from child birth. I decided to retake the test and viola there it was.
I dont want to blame my husband for it in as much as he is responsible, i have seeked for treatment and i baby and I are doing great, i managed to gain back 10kgs that i had lost in just 3months, hiv is scary but it is not a death sentence with the right attitude and discipline, it can be put on check and thats what i intend to do, I adhere to my medication and that of my son and follow all the necessary instructions, i no longer engage in sex and have no apologies. I am living for my babies, thats greater than any body pleasure, stay positive and vigilant for life has to continue and we are the drivers to our destiny.
God provides inner peace and comfort and he will always watch over us.