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I was diagnosed a little over 0ne year ago. I was and am still very angry but the problem is, who can I be angry at? I know where I contracted the virus. The sex was amazing and always protected. The last time he and I were intimate, I was the bottom and after he got off he pulled out and his face turned white, and he just stared down at his dick. I asked him wha was wrong and he said nothing and went to the bathroom. He came out freshly showered and smiling, we made lunch, sat together at the table, enjoyed the company of each other. After we were doing the dishes together and he started telling me a story of a boyfriend from the past. Long story short, he loved this man for 8 years and that man loved many others too in those 8 years! He then told me that he is HIV+, has been for 10 years. WHAT!!! I was so shocked! Shocked he chose to be intimate with somebody without disclosing his status! Shocked because he then told me that after he came, he pulled out, that the condom had broke and he ejaculated inside of me! 3 months later I was checked in at the ICU with a Macrobiotic infection, and Pneumonia. The next day was given a blood test looking for different things I suppose. Later that night the nurse came in with a stack of papers and a very sad look on her face. I asked about my test results and she said that my HIV test came back positive. I am only 27. The saddest part is, he went on as if nothing happened, opened up his coffee shop, its turned out to be very successful. Never an apology, never a word from him. Still to this day I haven't heard a word from him.