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hii every one,am HIV positive and i came to know my status after i got married to my current wife of who after realizing that i had known what she knew alone she was bed ridden and she was pregnant at that time thank to  God since He gave me courage and i took care of the bed ridden wife whom i loved that much until she regained back on track and gave birth to a baby boy.
it is 13 years down the line with 2 baby boys one 8 years and the other 4 months old .HIV is not a death penalty it is a challenge to us to have courage and determination to achieve what we had not achieved earlier live positively ,and do any other thing in life family looks me as a role model for the stigmatized and discriminated persons  out of there status.i advocate on behalf of my fellow positive brothers and sisters and fight for there rights whenever i proud to be living with HIV/AIDS.
NB .all those in need of our support to over come stigma and discrimination should always count on SALIM.