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Ryan 1

Hay guys my name is Ryan today i am going to tell you my story how i come out.

This is how it goes, when i was in year 8 i fancied someone in my year [...] someone in my class said to me that he is gay, and then we were seeing each other.  Then everyone in my year was calling me gay and i was getting abused.  I had that going on for 3 years and when i got into year 10, I was inspired by glee and waterloo road to just tell everyone that i am gay.  It was in the half team that i said i was gay, when we got back to school i have a lot of name call, but by the end of the week everyone accepted me for who i am.  Still now i am getting name calling at me, but i just didn't say nothing back to him because that is who I am so just accepted it.  After a few months I had someone eles come to me and said that he is gay too.  I asked him why u telling me? why don't you tell everyone else?  Then he said back, because I want to tell you, you have come out to everyone and I want you to help me do it- So I did help him. 

But then he asked me out I said yes, we went out for 2 years then he dumped me.  That day he dumped me I was going to kill myself, but my best friend saw then my letter I sent to my mum, and he said to himself that he know's which place I was going to kill myself.  He told me that it will be fine, but I said to him, it will not be fine, he mean's a lot to me.  

When I went back to school I had everyone coming up to me and asking "why did u do that?", I said because he meant a lot to me and I had no life left.  But now I have a new boyfriend that is nice to me he will help me when I ask him to.  But the one I went out with for 2 Years he was the best one I had, but now he has got a new bf and when I see him in the streets he look at me every time we see each other, and now the bf that I have will say with me for ever... If you have experienced anything mentioned in this story, please take a look at our Help and Advice page for further details of organisations who can help: