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I am currently a full month away from being 21 years old. I am HIV +. I was born with it, but i didn't know what was wrong with me till i was 15 years old.

The way that i found out was that something was first wrong with me was when i was six years old and i got blind after getting very sick and taking twice as long as the other kids to get better.

When i was 15 years old i got my very first boy/friend. My father saw that we were already together for a year and he took me on vacation to Ecuador to tell me the truth i didn't know anything.

I trusted my parents. I didn't question them on anything. He told me there in Ecuador in a doctor's office that i had HIV and that i was born with it, it was the reason for my meds, doctor visits, blindness, and much more.

I didn't say anything, but i was destroyed inside. I felt for a lack for a better word dirty, lied to, and hopeless.

My boy/friend at the time Carmine, broke up with me over it. I felt it wasn't fair not to share something this important with him. And he freaked.

Kids in school made fun of me because a week later he told them. I had to switch schools.

I have gone a long way since then and am fine with it now even though it still bothers me. I only wish i had met other people with it. Parents if your reading this please don't wait to long to tell your kids, if at all. Teach them to handle it. Because it was the hardest thing in my life learning how to deal with people who had a problem with it.