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i'm bisexual and didn't had much friends in college.

i found that finding a gay is very easy rather than finding a girl.i started meeting more and more guys from the age of 20.

I was a carrer oriented guy then,in spite of being highly educated and updated,i done sex with guys without protection.I never bothered much.

The bad news came to me,when i was selected for a fantastic job offer from abroad and i had to undergo a medical test to get VISA. i was very confidant of getting VISA, the news that shocked me is the call from clinic that my all tests are clear except,HIV test for which i was tested positive. i denied it and went to other hospitals for checkup.After 3 consecutive test,it was confirmed that i have HIV positive.

My weight started reducing gradually and i was feeling tired most f times.

My ambitions,my dreams,my carrer all ended with this incident,its been a month but still i'm in trauma.
i cannot face my parents,although they knew it and are supportive, but still.