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Proud Husband

Hi, I am 35 and married for 4 years now. I found out that my wife is HIV positive when she was pregnant with our first child.

At first I thought the world was falling on us; never did it EVER cross my mind on switching the blame but i was worried about her and the child. I went to several HIV tests ever since and mine always come negative.

I’m just thankful that our child is now 3 years old and negative. I love my wife and I will never desert her because of her status.

We have a great sex life and although she is a person that hides her feeling; I tried my level best to support her and now she registered for a degree and we going on with our lives.

It’s kinda difficult to live with someone who is HIV positive because you never know whats going on their minds sometimes. The best thing I do is to shower her with love and assure her that everything is gonna be alright.