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I am now 25 years old . I tested for hiv when I was 18 years old and I know the person who infected me so I have a feeling that I had it when I was 16-17yrs.
I was not angry but I was normal and thought everything happens for a reason.

I want to get married and have my own family and I know that through God anything is possible. I want to thank my family, my best friend and the nurses who took care of me when i started getting sick .

Where I live there are many people that are hiv positive . It funny course an hiv positive person can be more happy than a negative person. So don't stress just live your life and protect others.

I have been around the world (travel)and I guess hiv made me go for it. They say life is too short ...yes that is true but for anyone not only positive people. so all of us we need to live and make the most of it.