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hi my name is petra and hiv positive for ten years just like anyone is not that easy to be hiv positive im married and my husband is negative everyyear he takes test for his well being and he is a loving husband i can say very supportive he always go to collect my ARV tablet if im very busy at work we have a baby girl which seem to be very health but we are still waiting for the final test which makes me very scared to be positive

i dont know how will i be if it comes out positive she got test two times and she was negative what makes me scared is the final test so i keep worry in me day and night without letting my husband know. THE DEASES did not bother me all the years until when i got my baby is my responsibility to raise this baby but i keep worrying what if i die before she gets mature to be on her on. my health is not so bet i look health so my husband say. I dont get always sick accept seasonal flu which makes always very sick. but i got hope in GOD just like all others who are positive thanks