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I think children should be educated about sex because If a child gets pregnant they will, one, loose their virginity, and two pretty much loose their childhood. Children should have sex Ed classes. I am 14 and I have not lost my virginity. I do not plan on it ANY time soon. My mom and dad have talked to me about all of the diseases you can get and that you need to use protection. I can't believe some of the above stories. They lost their virginity at the age of twelve!!!!! And got pregnant REALLY young too!! I am ashamed that people would do that!! I am a good child and don't do dirty things or loose my virginity young. But children should always have sex ed. Even if children make fun of them (that is what happens.) I hope when you reAd this you get the point to not have sex young and not get pregnant young (you shouldnt get pregnant if you dont have sex.)Thanks.