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Nicole 1

I had a boyfriend who always talked about having sex and i wasn't comfortable with it. I was 17 years old and felt like maybe I should. I talked to my aunt and she told me that if he really truly loved me like he said he did he would understand and wait. In the end we broke up and a year later I became very good friends with a guy I had a crush on. This friendship turned into a relationship and it was so much better than my previous relationship. He never continuously asked me about sex or made me feel like I had to. I finally decided that I was ready and when we had sex it was amazing. It wasn't just the pleasure from sex(don't get me wrong that was part of it) it was connecting with someone that I truly loved and someone I knew loved me. We are still together today and everytime we have sex its the same as the first. *My message is don't be forced into it because he makes you think you have to. There is always someone out there that will prove him wrong you just have to find him like I did.

AVERT says: Making choices about sex can be difficult, but it is important to do what you feel comfortable with. Take a look at our Am I Ready for Sex? page for more information.