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My name is Nandy & I was diagnosed with HIV in March 2012. I was pregnant, I told my boyfriend about it and he was hurt but said he was gonna support me & be there for me. He tested negetive. This made me very happy as I thought he was goin to leave me. A tragic happened after 3 weeks in knowing, he was cheating on me. I felt sick because how ciuld he say a positive thing but act negetively. This created a lot of fighting because I was angry,bitter, and confused why is he doing this to me. He was ready to marry me before we found out but he eventually didnt want to anymore.
I had the most difficult pregnancy because i was too much stressed and that made me suicidal. Now I have taken a decision to just be on ma own with my baby who tested negetive.

I need to talk to someone in order to get over, I have accepted my sickness, what kills me is the rejection i have to face each & every time I am with him. I am hurt beacaise this is the man who wanted to spend  a life with me but I know God will answer me one day and give me a man who will love me with this virus. I love him but I resent him a lot at the same even though he said he was sorry but the damage has been done.

AVERT says: Testing positive for HIV is an emotional experience, however there are people and support groups who can help, filling gaps that other people have left. Take a look at our page on Emotional Needs and Support for more information, and our Help and Advice page.