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I do not know how to start, I find out I have HIV last year October after I have a tummy tuck operation. I went to my doctor for my check up after the operation she put her chair next to mine and hold my hand and told me she had a bad news for me. I was expecting that..... I remember her telling me you have the virus of HIV, nothing else. My world crashes down in 5 seconds, I was thinking of my mother who I have to take care of because she cannot do any thing by herself she have CVA. My nieces my sisters how can I tell them. It was horrible.

My doctor was very supportive she consoled me and told me that my life will not stop there. She asked me the names of my ex-partners, and I told her everything. Two weeks ago I find out that my partner that I am now with infected me with the virus.
Now I visit a specialist of HIV and AIDS and have to take blood every 3 months

Thank god my CD4 is very high and I do not have to take any pills yet. The only persons that I told that I have HIV are a girlfriend, her mother and my boyfriend.

Sometimes i feel like left aside, alone in a black hole, not knowing what to expect. I have accept it but I do no know how to live with it, because I have been infected with HIV last year in June. There is a lot to discover a lot of thinks to do.

Now I thank god for every thing, May he bless me and give me strength.