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My positive dad

This story is actually about my dad who was diagnosed w aid in 1995. He was only 34 when he found out he was positive w Aids and kept it to himself for about 5yrs. When we did find out It was sadest day ever i love my dad very much and only wanted to see him happy in wht ever he did, unfortunitly the actions he took w his life werent very smart..He started using drugs at a very young age, it started w smking weed and progressed to stronger drugs eventually he started using heroin. the cycle of useing heroin lasted most of my childhood, he was in and out of every prison for as long as i can remember.The drugs really just took over all of him and left me and my bro n sister w/o a dad.. He was soo deeply lost w this drug tht he started sharing needles and having unprotected sex w random females who would either supply the drug or give him $ to buy the drug for both of there pleasures.. It was bad enough to have one parent w aids then to find out a few years dwn the line tht he had given it to my mom she was HIV pos.

SAD :( my dad died in 2003 and my mom followed in 2004.. VERY SAD :( :(

so for everyone out there: Plz protect urself ALWAYS.. ur not the only ones who will suffer from ur mistakes..