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My name is MM. Im 25.. I recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia from Washington, D.C. because I got a great job opportunity after I graduated from Grad school. I had a boyfriend for over 7 years and I felt like such a strong person that could handle any of lifes obstacles.

I work in the health field so I have access to HIV tests. So, one morning my boyfriend and I were discussing getting another HIV test because we both have not been tested in 2 years.

I completed the test and did not think anything of it. I was doing my normal routine in the morning, getting ready for work, and talking to my boyfriend on my cellphone.

When I saw that my test was reactive I broke down and cried thinking how could this be happening. I was on the phone with my bf and all he could say was "Whats wrong baby". So when I told him that my test was reactive he just told me to calm down and go to the clinic. So I did as he said.

I had no idea I was HIV positive and I'm glad I tested myself because I would have never known. Fortunately my boyfriend is still with me and I am working and plan on going to get my PhD. Sometimes I get sad and cry but I still want to live and have alot of life experiences.

AVERT says: Testing positive for HIV is an emotional experience. Check out our dedicated pages on Living with HIV and Learning you are HIV positive for more information.