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Michelle 1

Okay so I am 17 and I am still debating about losing my virginity. I know this is about "sex stories" but I just want girls out there to know that if they are being pressured into having sex, they need to stay strong and because sometime boys can be very hurtful and rude; after all it is not easy to find a guy who does not want to just jump in your pants or stop when you ask him to.

Here is my story-  There was this boy and he constantly pressured me for sex or if not sex then other stuff. Its not easy to stand your ground always but in the end it will be worth it. He told me "Your about to go to college, you need to live a little" etc. At first i felt as though he was right and i agreed to meet him at his house. However after thinking for a while, I realized that someone who cared for me wouldn't say that. I kinda had a turn around and told him no and that i was sorry,i just felt he was the wrong guy.  He the told me "You cant keep doing this to me." Yes i admit i was wrong to lead him on but what he said afterward made me want to punch him. I said "Im going to college soon though, in like a month" His response was well "so what, i mean we will just grow apart." I realized that he didnt care enough to be my bf or 2. even think for one second that i might be hurt by what he also said. Plus i figured what he said probably meant he would see other girls.

Not every girls story is similar to mine but I know many feel pressured to do it and some guys will even taunt and make fun of girls because they will not give in.

Im not saying wait till marriage, im just saying wait for a man who will love you enough to respect and cherish the gift you are about to give him.After all, sometimes life's roughest roads and trails will lead you to nature's most beautiful places.