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Meghan 1

I've always known that i liked girls, but at the same time i liked boys too.

It took me awhile to come to the terms that i was a bisexual. I always thought being bisexual mean that you dint know what you were, then one day i looked up the word "bisexual" and found out that it doesn't mean you don't now who you are it means that you like both side.

I told the first person that i was a bisexual at the beginning of my grade 8 school year, it was hard for me to tell him because it would be the first time i actually admitted to someone what i was. It all went by good he was very understanding.

The following year i feel in love a girl named Laura, me and her were friends for a long time but that time i truly fell for her. I never did tell her that i liked her was always afraid of what she would say.

A year went by and a new girl came to my school. She was far the most beautiful girl i have ever seen, her name was Cece and she was a lesbian and really out and proud and i guess we just automatically clicked cuz its been a year and a half that we have been dating and i am now out and proud as she is.