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Hi my name is mbali. I'm 22yrs old wth a healthy 17mnth baby gel.

I ws wth d father of my baby we were havng sex and his sperms were burnng we thy were getng in side me 3 dy aftr i had an STI and i went 2 dr clinic 4 treatment and its was on 21 february and i dicied 2 take an hiv test bcoz i cought my boyfreind cheatng on me 3tyms.

And my result we discondent i hv 2 take an elisar test. Its ws lyk d world ws turn around 4 me i knew tht i ws hiv positev its jst dt i ws on a widow period.

i cry inside me i've never let its out , i was gvin a date 2 come back and fetch mt result. i was prayng that some how the result could come back negetiv bt thy were positev, d fst d went on my mind ws my baby she 2 young i prayed 2 God 2 bless me wth a job so tht i cn b able 2 provide 4 hr and i knw hes going 2 answer me any tym soon, i told my boyfreind abt d result and he apologized 2 me 4 nt being faithful 2 me and he askd me 2 gv him a second chance so tht we cn raise our baby 2 getha.

he  promise 2 b thr 4 me until i close my eyes and open them and 2 take care of al my needs, by the tym he ws sayng these wodrs 2 me i jst wsh i could kill so tht i wont be able 2 eva see him again wth my eyes, its ws so painful coz he could hv protect i even kwen d dy iws infectd. Its on novermba 18 i also blamed my self for its, he got its from d gel he last splet wth on novermbar he told me tht the condom bust tht how he got its.

i hv tryd 2 forgive him becouse of the love i hv for him and his doing the best as he cn 2 make us happy, and  the only thng um left wth is checkng my cd4 cnt and testng my baby gel 2 make sure tht she is hiv negetive bcoz i check 2 time while i ws pregnent and the result were negetive.