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Makale 1

I am 21 and being a lesbian in the state of Utah is difficult. I was raised in a Mormon household. I have all sisters and I graduated with only 50 kids in my class. Lesbians were kind of unheard of in my small town. I was in denial almost the entire time I was in high school. I would find myself checking out girls, but I wouldn't admit to myself that I was doing that because I was attracted to them. It wasn't until I had my first love with a girl named Lindsey my freshman year in college that I knew I could be happy with accepting me. Since we broke up, I'm getting insecure again. BUT I am holding my head high and trying to be more out. My first big move is being the LGBT president on campus. When the college has a meeting with all the presidents from other clubs, I make sure I am the most classy, polite girl there.

I first came out to my sisters first when I was 18. They are all very supportive. My dad is sad because he thinks me being with a guy would be more beneficial, I haven't exactly said, "Dad I'm a lesbian" but he knows. My mom is sad because I don't think she wants people to know she has a gay daughter. They still love me, I am the same girl they raised, and I try to make them proud in other ways.

I think that sometimes the hardest thing is to accept yourself, but once you do, it will make you happier. I remind myself everyday that it is not wrong to love another human being. God put us on this earth to love, we should be proud we can love just as strong as anyone else, if not stronger.

Coming out to friends and family is a huge step. I feel it is good to make sure the timing is right. Even waiting til your out of the house and on your own, unless you feel it would be better for you to do it sooner. I just know that with me, coming out at the age that I did allowed my parents to have more excuses for it such as it was just a phase or I as doing it for attention. It has became lots better in the last three years. The dating here sucks though, but if I exist, then someone out there has to be similar. Keep your chin up!

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.