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Lucy 1

I am really confused on if i am a lesbian or not. I've always felt connected to some of my friends in a different way. But, I am so afraid that I am trying to convince myself I am not. If I told my family that i liked women, they would probably laugh in my face and tell me I am too young to know what I want. But I can't control my thoughts. Recently, I have been trying to figure out who i am. I went through the same thing 2 years ago... But i convinced myself that it was just a stage in my life. I keep on thinking how horrible it would be if my parent found out. I told my friend once that I might be a lesbian. She nodded her head and then said, "Yeah right!" and laughed in my face. I am afraid she will tell people that i said what i said to her, and my parents will find out. I am still very young and I am afraid that people won't understand. One of my guy-friends recently told me he was bisexual. I understood and was very supportive. But, he is in love with me. I wanted to tell him about my feelings to become a lesbian something happened that freaked me out. I was talking to him one day and how i hated living in france because the girls here (Except for one) are all mean. And that I usually talk to the guys. But then he asked me if i was a lesbian, i was too scared to say yes. But he seemed pretty glad that i wasn't..