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I grew up knowing she will alwais be dere but hei, i guess it happens sometimes. to me she was like my mum. She had been sick for sometime and didnt understand why nothing was helping her. She had been moved from one Hospital to another, from Traditional healers to the best Private doctors in our Country. Why is she so ill. I was only 15 at the time 2001. She was weak, pale, fluffy hair name all the symptoms.

I knew HIV/AIDS was there but to associate it with my sister there was no wai and it was still a taboo to talk abt it. On that fateful dai i went to school, she was asleep whn i leave i never said gudbye. I come back in the evening and found the house quiete, it was just too quiete for my liking, i knew for a fact that something was wrong I asked them where is ausie Lipalesa? check the bedroom. i went there running to found my sister wrapped in a white sheet, she was dead. We cried together said a little prayer and was taken to a mogue. I slept early that nite partly because i was sad and because i wanted to ask the LORD God how can he be so cruel, He took away my mum when i was a toddler and now my loved sister.

My sisters were talking amongst themselves saying they were praying for her to die because they know nothing would help her. I had to wake up and ask them sum questions. They told me she had HIV. Its been ten years now  so much is known about the virus and the stigma is nolonger as bad as in those days. thanx to all who helped in the fight aginst  hiv, although i lost my sister i n her memories i had to do something. Professional  and otherwise. i work in a small Hospital Laboratory,at the end of the day i always smile knowing that i am helping somebody to live a healthy life.  The journey of 30yrs to me has only been of 10yrs. To all those who lost the loved ones,its true that they are gone but there is something left for us to do. Rest in peace sister i will alwais alwais luv you. i know ur in a better place now and no virus will ever cum to you again.