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Lauren 1

Im 14. Ive known for a while im bisexual. Ive dated boys in the past and sometimes it feels right but sometimes it doesnt.

I met this girl last year, shes amazing. I found myself staring at her whenever i was near or thinking about her day in and day out. It felt natural being near her and i didnt know why, she is beautiful, funny and everything you look for in someone. Anyways i told her how i felt and she felt the same so we made the choice that we would start to date.

I told one of my best friends but shes a loud mouth and loves to gossip, i thought id regret telling her cause i thought she'd tell the school and im not ready to come out to everyone yet, but she hasnt told anyone, Then i told my bestest friend and she understood and shes supportive and listens and helps if im down with anything. Then a few months into our relationship i told my other friend who i was worried about telling cause i thought she might pre-judge me but she didnt, she took it well.

Not that long ago, 5 months into our relationship we decided to tell our parents. I was round her house and we were sitting in her room but we was joking about and i was tryna get her phone and then we was cuddling and her mum saw..her mum didnt take it well seeing as i got banned from seeing her which effects your relationship, but we sneek around.
I told my mum soon after and she was really acceptive with it and supporting, as for my dad..not so supporting.

Were still together 5 months on and were really happy.

Dont stop a relationship with someone cause other people dont agree with it.

It may not seem natural to them, but its the most natural thing you could do.