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All my life, I have been more prepared than anyone in my grade about sex. Since I first learned to read in grade 1, my mom kept buying me books each year about the female body and the changes that would occur as I grew. While most girls freak the first time they have their period, for me it was more like; "Oh, okay. whatever." I was totally cool with it. I didn't freak out and never do.

Sex ed in school is, unfortunately, dismal. We pretty much learn a couple things, then its just the same things repeated each year. My last course was in grade 10, and our teacher took us to the computer room, gave us a sheet of paper, then we just went though an animated video by ourselves. hardly informative.

When my brother learned to read, she got him books as well. She has always wanted us to be weary of the dangers we could face. I'm 19 and I still haven't even gone on one date. Quite frankly, i don't care. I was horrified when in grade seven (I went to an all girl's school), on valentine's day, we were asked to write the name of our boyfriend on the chalk board. They got to me and my reaction was thus; 'Are you our of your f****ing minds?! Who the hell is dating at this age?!"

It horrify me to hear that kids in elementary are dating. It's just too young! you wonder why teens always get into trouble, its because of how unprepared and so not ready they are when dating. I\'d rather wait until I meet someone I know will not pressure me into sex, and wants to take their time, ready when i am.

Recently I was hit hard with an example of lack of knowledge. My cousin is 11, and she hasn't learned a single thing about he female body going through puberty, or STD's, nothing. She didn't even know what puberty was. She was asking a question about periods i think, and worded it so badly that she and my mom had a talk about puberty for almost three hours. Is that we are facing this new age? Teenagers getting pregnant because of the lack of safe sex education, kids frightened by the changes their body is going through, because not even their teachers or parents have bothered to give them the understanding they need?