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Kylie James

Well everything started when I was 12.......

Me and this guy Jason had been going out for about a week nothing serious we were only 12 but when we turned 13 things changed! Our hormones got the better of us!

I won't really hurt but I don't regret doing it! I think it made me stronger a person. Our families never would of found out if I hadn't become pregnant!

Jason's family was so mad they made us break-up! Then as if that wasn't bad enough they moved away.

My family was angry too but they never turned their backs on me! I'm very happy about that! I don't know what I would do without them!

I'm 17 now and I recently ran into Jason! He isn't the same person he used to be! So just because your in love with someone now dosen't mean you always be!'cause people change!

I'm not saying you need to wait.....I'm saying you need to be prepared!

Remember comdoms, the pill, know what your doing, know that their is ALWAYS a chance of becoming pregnant no matter how safe you are,and lastly make sure you love your partner!