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Kenneth 1

I'm a 23 year old guy, and i was dating my ex girl who was 16 then and i was 19 years old. We'd known each other for two years, and she was still a virgin and we'd both agreed to have sex when she was 18. We used to kiss and perform oral sex but stops before things went far.

One day she came to visit my me in house, and she was 17 by then. We started kissing and do what we usually, then i told her i cannot wait anylonger but she was so reluctant. Then i accused her of not loving me, because i've been so patient and went on telling her that i am a guy and i've needs. Then i got angry, but she told to get a condom. Then i went to a nearby store and bought a pack of condoms. I began to touch her down there, n tried to stick my finger in her vagina but she screemed. I stopped, then tored 1 condon and put it on.

I'd see the look on her face and the sadness, like i was letting her do something she didn't want or ready to do. I never seemed to care thou cos i never wanted her to change her mind. I immediately wore the condom and stick my penis in, all i'd see was the tears on her face, i went on and on but she never seemed to enjoy then i stopped and told her to dress up and she did. Since then things went bad, and i lost interest on her. She'd call wanting to see me and i'd tell her that i'm not around and i wont be for the whole week.

Then one day i told i called her and told her that we can't continue since i'd found my soulmate. I know it's cold and heartless, and believe you me. I regret evry bit of it. I haven't seen her in 2 years, but i heard that she's now involved with a church man and she's engaged. I'm in a relationship, but it's not really going well. If only i'd reverse the time and support her, and respect her decision things were gonna be different now. I really regret ever forcing her into something she wasn't prepared to do. I cant even forgive myself because, i played her but in the meantime i also think she led me on by allowing me to touch her all over her body. My advise to other guys is that please respect yo women and their decisios, they really deserve that. It's never too late to have sex, if you say you love her, then act like you do and respect her if she's not ready to have sex.