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I dated a guy in my university days for 3and half years and we always quarrel about sex,i was a virgin and he was not,we do romance,but anytime it gets beyond that,i didnt agree,he was my first love but i didnt have any reason to lose my virginity because i was afraid of God and the sad stories ladies go through when they lose their virginity,i didn't want to fall victim,he would tell me i dont love him,but i told him if  he wants it we should get married and we can have license to do it without fear of any sort,then he would keep quiet,then after 3and the half years we broke up,he said he still loves me,but we were always quarelling cos of sex,now am married at age 24 and i lost my virginity to my husband,though it was very painful and i didnt bleed,am happy i got married before doing it,cos mx husband loves and gives me utmost happy i stood my ground despite when people said virginity is old fashioned,i didnt care what they said,but at s6e point i never told people i was a virgin,i acted as if i had done it sn people wouldnt notice.