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I am 23 [...] and a lesbian,

I have always thought of myself strait until i was about14, then i started watching lesbian porn movies.  i would watch strait porn and even gay porn but both ideas not only NOT turn me on, they made me sick.  then i started to look at girls passing me at walmart and in the hallways at school and they turned me on.  once i came clean with myself, i realized i had a crush on my best friend.  every day that passed the passion grew stronger untill i was in love  i decided to tell her one night at a sleepover.  it was just me and her at my house.  i looked her in the eye and told her i loved her.  her face lite up and she told me she felt the same way.  i was so happy.  the next day i told my parents.  they were a little shocked but accepted me and loved me. then together we told our closest friends and they were nothing but supportive. i then lead a very happy and fulfilling live and she is still my girlfriend i love her so much because even through i cant walk she loves me and helps me with any thing and every thing. 

Advice for others, the sooner you come clean the sooner you will get the chance to love and be happy.