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Hi, my name is Kayley! I'm 12 years old and i'm bisexual.

I know its young for my age for being bi but i know how i'm feeling and i like girls and boys. Only a few of my friends know and when i did tell my best friend Lauren I liked her ,she stopped talking to me and wont even look at me and i really did like her. It hurts  but i know i will be happy some day. I never have had a girlfriend before but I like my best friend Ezri. She dose not feel the same way. Its really hard for me to find somebody that I can be in a relationship with. I feel like I will never be happy... I look at my female class mates and think "Are they a lesbian?". I just want to be happy in a relationships! All I think about is being with that girl in my class with long brown hair and blue eyes! I feel more attacked to girls right now and all I want is to know more about her. Its really hard but I can get through!!

I told my sister and my mom. My sister supports me and for awhile she thought she was to! She always lets me spill about everything!! I love her so so so much!! My mom on the other hand thinks i'm just going through a phase and totally disregarded my feelings!! I love my mom but she can be really mean!

I just recentlly broke up with my Boyfriend because I didst feel attacked to him anymore. I'm turning 13 real soon so I hope things will get better!

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