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Kayla 1

Hi, I'm Kayla and I'm 15 years old, nearly 16 :)
I'm bisexual, but I tend to lean towards girls more.
I was 13 when I realised that I liked girls as well as boys. When I was 8-10 I used to kiss my friend when she was at my place, but I never actually comprehended that this was different, because it just felt natural! I've liked my straight friend for two years now, it sort of sucks :/.

I haven't yet had a girlfriend, but I had a boyfriend last year. Now that I think about it, I didn't actually like him much. I broke up with him after 3 months because I didn't feel the same way and it would've been horrible of me to lead him on. I'm really shy, so that's the only relationship that I've had.

Most (if not all) of my friends know. I told my best friend straight away, and when I was 14 I told some of my other friends. I have a LOT of bisexual friends, which sort of surprised me. One of my closest friends doesn't understand homo/bisexuality though, so I didn't tell her. However a 'rumour' went around my class that I was bi and she found out. She hasn't confronted/asked me about it, but I'm going to write her a letter explaining why I didn't tell her and that I've never liked her as more than a friend etc. She's fine with me being bi, she just doesn't understand the concept of it. My family don't know. Either that or they're hiding it from me. I don't think I've ever given them reason to suspect it lol.

So that's pretty much my story :)