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Katie 1

I lost my virginity to my best friend. I was 17 and so was he. He was not a virgin. We had been best friends for years and there had always been a tension of wanting more. We had been dating for about 2 months and we had talked about it before. He used to tell me that we were never going to because he didn't want me to regret it the way that he did.

We didn't plan to have sex the night that we did but he took me out to dinner and we came back to my house and just happened to be home alone and I knew that that was how is was supposed to happen. We kissed in the hallway and he picked me up and carried me up to my bedroom where we made love. Even though he was so gentle it still hurt a little and I bleed. He told me that he loved me and I knew that he meant it.

I never regretted the way that I lost my virginity and I know that I lost it to the right person. I never trusted anyone more than him and I will always love him.