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Hi im Kathy 12 i was born with HIV.. i dont know how many meds i have taken in my life... i was adopted when i was like 3 or 2....I dont really remember how my mom told me that i had HIV or anything... people tell me that people like me shouldn't even be on this earth but i dont care what they say im a human being and i deserved to be heard.. Im really scared to have a boyfriend because I know that i can give other people HIV.... I want to be married with 3 kids and i don't want to grow up 2 be a loner but.. how can i do all of that and im HIV i started to think is there anything that i can do...

Well i dont know but... Im happy to have people just like me who were born with it.. It makes me a little mad when i see things on T.V about HIV but then again there trying to help people so they dont end up like me or make a child like me i guess that kinda good... some times it feels like no body gets me but then there trying to help me so i cant really get mad at them.. but it really dose hurt sometimes

I just wanna be normal. like all the other girls you know have a crush get a first kiss without thinking about it... But i will Never regret who i am and what i have its made me who i am and i guess thats whatz important... I really dont like the meds they give me one word Nasty.. :-).. my mom makes me laugh about it or she trys... its crazy that I had to be me the only one in my family to have it .. well guess thats what i get 4 being borin last haha.... But it would be nice to have someone 2 really talk bout it with cant really trust my friends except my best friend who has the same thing. but i'll be 13 November ..23.. 2010 ... so ready....HIV is apart of me and im not really sure i want to get rid of it itz in my blood i was born with it.. u know i just couldnt do it .. thanks for reading ... bout me hope i hear for some of u ........... LATERZ